12 session psychotherapy package

12 sessions of Therapy

  • 12 therapy sessions with me can:

    • Everything included in 8 weeks +
    • Knowing when you need a boundary
    • Having tools to implement those boundaries
    • Engaging with what you really desire in life
    • Feeling hopeful
    • Having an opportunity to grieve losses that have been suppressed
    • Have wisdom and clarity to enable safe growth
    • Stop the negative thought loops and know how to maintain this practice
    • Understand how to pinpoint why you overthink
    • Become engaged with creating safety for yourself
    • Allowing yourself a deeper connection with those you love.
    • Beginning to appreciate and love the life you are living without the need to put expectations and pressures on yourself
    • Releasing yourself from the conditioned beliefs you’ve been engaging in unconsciously as they are now conscious.
    • Working with guidance on decisions you want to make that you usually would choose without conscious thought.
    • Feeling more trust and compassion for yourself for the 1st time in your adult life.

Please use the “Schedule another event” button when booking block sessions.
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