8 week psychotherapy package

8 sessions of Therapy

  • 8 therapy sessions with me can:

    • Everything included in 4 weeks +
    • Studies have found that 60-65% of people experience significant symptomatic relief within one to seven psychotherapy sessions.
    • Finding coping strategies when you’re in the middle of negative thoughts or anxiety symptoms.
    • Breaking the unconscious habit of overthinking, analysing, and over-giving.
    • Believing in your voice.
    • Delving into inner child healing and being guided through exercises to begin this deep healing when ready.
    • Understanding the concept of my compassion + forgiveness model. 
    • Understanding your truth.
    • Have you heard with love and care for the 1st time.
    • Experiencing someone who genuinely cares without judgment or criticizing you.
    • Taking you to new heights in clarity and unearthing your own inner wisdom and tools.
    • Sessions to be booked and completed within 12 weeks from date of purchase.

You’ll receive a link to book all sessions in your confirmation email.

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