Pay as you go therapy

Pay As You Go Therapy

  • Only book once your Initial Consultation has been completed.
  • Learn about boundaries, coping strategies, healthy communication, compassion and acceptance.
  • Learn through healthy dialogue who are beyond the limited ego-conditioning
  • Understand when the limiting beliefs and traumas began and how this has changed you
  • Open up in a safe, non-judgmental way with an experienced professional 
  • Have the freedom to take our sessions where you’d like to go
  • Embark on a dedicated therapy journey of self-discovery
  • Feel empowered to know there is clarity and hope you can have to surround your most difficult life challenges
  • Homework and/or educational resources are given weekly
  • Release the need to be in darkness and feel the transformation when hope and light enter your life
  • Utilise dedicated therapy time working toward a set goal you have in mind.
  • Receive dedicated support and care including aftercare messages via email, Whatsapp or telegram.
  • Unlock your limiting belief patterns through solution-focused narratives 
  • Remove stigmas surrounding your childhood that have limited how you view your adult self.
  • Begin the healing process of the inner-child wounds
  • Listen to what and how you really feel, rather than ignore and avoid your pain

Looking forward to seeing you again! xoxo

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