Free 15-minute consultation

I'd love to offer you a Free 15-minute telephone consultation to answer any questions and for us to get to know each other a little better.”

Individual Therapy

Online video therapy session
£ 80 per session
  • 50-minute session.

Couples Therapy

Online video therapy session
£ 140 per session
  • A 60-minute session.

My Services

Couple’s Counselling

“Ultimately, couples want one thing, to communicate better. Whether that’s physically, emotionally or mentally, my couples come to me to understand how to connect and in some cases how to disconnect in the healthiest way. My strategy is simple, I will teach fundamental tools and tricks of engagement to relinquish the need to control and release the burdens. All you need to do is trust, remain consistent and most importantly become intentional in what aligns with your needs. I will help you both transition into a better space of awareness and clarity.”


“What is crucial in psychotherapy is the capacity to help clients to heal and grow, to become the best possible versions of themselves and to live meaningful lives. I truly believe we all have the capacity and power within our psyche to heal from trauma, depressive states and high functioning anxiety. 

Our environments both internally and externally are crucially part of what creates the behaviours and thoughts we have today. Within this framework, you have longer, in-depth timescales to uncover what lies beneath and through exploring with me, you’ll consider completely different perspectives to what was once a stagnant reality”.


“Using fundamental coaching principles within my approach; creating a safe environment in which to inspire growth and results-oriented conversations. This powerful conversation creates a process for my clients to generate change, produce and achieve transformational goals. Coaching is a process that empowers someone to learn and grow. It unlocks a person’s potential to maximize their performance and embed behavioural change/s. Discover what truly aligns and how to manifest the success and destiny you want. I’ve spent years helping women and men reach their success goals and my approach is unique and highly effective in transforming my clients’ lives. If your stuckness is getting in the way of productivity, you need a better solution and nothing beats a fast, transformational success coach to show you exactly how to remove your blocks and manifest the exact goals you desire. Coming soon I’ll be sharing courses, programs and webinars, To know more, connect with me below”.

Divine Intervention

“Commonly, I have clients reach out and want to start working with me because of my niche of incorporating an amazing spiritual understanding to underpin my work. It is the single most important factor in understanding self, your divinity, soul, spirit etc. I have specific teaching developed over many years and still developing, working under gurus, shamans, healers and esoteric practitioners, my spiritual value soars past anything ego-driven and fundamentally allows me to help clients experience their whole selves to express this, to heal and transcend. To profoundly remove the limiting beliefs and engage with your heart-space, your core, your essence, we must 1st acknowledge you are innately wise and pure within and over time, conditioning has affected your ability to transcend and grow, this is not your fault. I show clients how to connect, unconditionally love and embody this so that it resonates authentically. Of course, this has huge positive rippling effects in all aspects of your life.

Health Insurance

I accept health insurance from many healthcare providers.

  • Aetna Global Benefits

  • Healix Health Services

  • GeoBlue Global Health

  • Allianz

  • Aviva Health

  • AXA PPP Healthcare

  • Cigna Healthcare

  • Vitality Health

  • WPA

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