Achieved and ongoing...


Emma is a Double-Accredited Psychotherapist with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and an additional accredited registrant membership with the National Counselling Society (NCS) authorised and regulated by the Professional Standards Authority This recognition is rare and acts as an example of her robust training and experience. 

Emma Wallen
Qualifications continued...

She completed three years of post-graduate training as a Psychotherapist in 2016 as well as additional Couples Counselling training in 2017.

Emma continues to excel and further her training in coaching, trauma and holistic psychology, but, not limited to the aspects of her own journey of continued personal developmental work.

“My strengths lie in being able to ‘tap’ into the deep carried mental and physiological wounds that have been developed at a latent and intrinsic space and time in your life. Culminating my ability to create stabilising tools to ensure a safe transition to going back to the root causes of when this ‘dis-harmony’ within your psyche and soul began. Looking realistically into family links, your current and previous relationships, intergenerational trauma bonds which studies show is vastly linked to changes in our epigenetic coding, I can share a simple and effective way to begin the journey of re-discovery and sharing the vital point that WE ALL have the power and understanding to heal ourselves once we begin to be heard, but, most importantly, highlighting how to also enjoy this crucial and private journey”

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Topics I Can Help You With



Feeling empowered to start your day despite lifes challenges as you grow to understand you are more than your issues



Seeing your pain, challenges and hardships from a completely different perspective.



Spreading things out with the help of a trained guide to easily pinpoint the blocks in your life.



Take ownership of your life as the creator and master of what you choose.


Self Improvement

Know your struggles but not be defeated by them. Use them to motivate and restore the image of self.


Self Awareness

Unlock the hidden areas in your unconscious mind and bring them to your conscious awareness, with support.



See your dreams, visualise them and feel confident to reach any goal you set for yourself.


Life Skills

Organise, plan and structure your state of mind to learn new skills to beat overthinking and overanalysing.

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