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Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Emma

“You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to feel better about your life and figure out who you are in the process, see results that can transform your life and connect energetically to give yourself a boost and feel happier and live rather than survive!”

Emma showed me important tools to use when I was at my most anxious, It helped me at work and to remove the negative behaviours to get me through day by day.

Areas I can help with


Couple's therapy

Learning Tools to shape the way you can communicate and feel confident in your relationship.



Going to the root of why you feel what you feel and when this all began.



Visualising the way you want to live and taking steps to transform your life. 


Spiritual awareness

Experiencing the deep profound power of your divinity and understanding how to flow with it.

Listen to my podcast

An Accredited Psychotherapist’s take on love, life and spirituality. Hearing interviews with past clients and guests who’ve also been on this journey to self-discovery in their unique way. With humour, wisdom, tools and empowering affirmations to take with you. Each episode will motivate you on your own journey to discovering who you are.

Psychotherapy packages

Book Psychotherapy sessions with me. Pay as you go sessions or weekly packages available.

Pay as you go therapy

Pay as you go

4 week psychotherapy package

4 therapy sessions

8 week psychotherapy package

8 therapy sessions

Secure Online Sessions from the comfort of your home or safe space.

Nervous about starting? Don’t worry, no matter your question, I’m here to help.

My qualifications & accreditations
“I was going to be a first time mum who had waited many years to have a baby so I had many built up a lot of anxieties once I finally got pregnant. Emma helped me to work through my anxieties which calmed and helped me so much that I feel Emma was the reason why I had a calm and stress free pregnancy and birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she is brilliant! Thank you Emma.”
A. ATIGOLO, Client
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